How to be more inclusive towards ‘gendered’ clothing

Gender is everywhere. It is instilled in us from the time we are born. Gender expectations and messages are constantly bombarding us. Upbringing, culture, relationships, and social media are just a few of the many factors that determine our perceptions of this essential part of identity. 

However, gender perceptions have shifted dramatically during the last decade. Gender preconceptions and stereotypes have become less popular among consumers, and younger generations are increasingly rejecting binary labels and definitions. This has had a significant impact on how products and services are designed. It would be impolite and naive to overlook the societal shift that has occurred. This refreshing take is profound, and its effects will last for generations to come. 

At Kindly Vintage, we take on the stance that a piece of clothing or accessory does not fit one specific gender, if you like it then wear it! However, when it comes to sizing our clothes we have yet to find a way to explain the sizes in any other way. Our vintage finds are for everyone, so please do not be deterred. We have consciously put female and male instead of women/ men as a little step in the right direction. It is simply there due to body type and how sizing is still reflected in today’s clothing market. The size difference between a ‘women’s’ small and a ’men’s’ small is significantly different.

Our clothes are here to celebrate and explore gender diversity while celebrating and exploring innovation and movement. If you like it and it makes you feel great, then this is something to celebrate! We want to ditch labels and stereotypes altogether. That is the aim of this vintage movement. We want to help the planet from every angle possible, through sustainability and inclusivity.

Inclusivity, by definition, means being open to all individuals and not limited to a select few. We aim to welcome everyone, regardless of gender identity or expression. We are new but these are our intentions, to progress with the growth of our business and make sure everyone feels comfortable. Vintage clothing is for everyone!