The vintage and second-hand movement

Hundreds of millions of articles of clothes are discarded each week in landfills. Not every item will be in great condition and somethings have been worn to death and then need to be thrown away but the amount of rubbish on the planet, along with the fact that we are always manufacturing more, is wreaking havoc on our planet. Clothing production from the ground up is incredibly polluting and hazardous to the environment. From the millions of gallons of water needed to grow cotton to the pollution created by synthetic garment chemicals and toxic dyes. So, it begs the question of why bother to spend money on new clothing when one, you already have something you can wear or two, there is a beautiful pre-loved item waiting for you? 


Be a conscious consumer

As we become more aware of the environmental damage we are inflicting, our buying habits are shifting. We are increasingly demanding more environmentally friendly products and practices that are more sustainable.

 Vintage markets, and charity shops have all seen a boom in popularity in recent years. For years, consumers have been drawn in by the allure of 'fast fashion,' wanting the latest catwalk trends and high-fashion designs quickly and at extremely low rates thanks to mass production. However, many of us are now taking a stand against fast fashion, and 'slow fashion' is rapidly becoming the more environmentally friendly way to shop.


How to be unique

In the last decade or two, the vintage movement has gained a lot of traction. People are looking for garments to incorporate into their wardrobes that act as a time capsule. The market for shopping vintage and second hand is booming!

But buying used products isn't just about "being sustainable" or "doing less harm"; there are lots of other reasons to do so. For starters, there have never been more brands, clothing websites, or clothing in the world than there are now, and most of it looks the same. Not even where we live is an obstacle anymore, wherever you live you can still receive a parcel in a matter of days from across the world.  That means vintage and second-hand pieces are your best bets if you want clothes that are truly unique.


This is the essence of fashion…

Also, vintage clothing is a terrific way to add variety to your wardrobe. They have the ability to convey your individuality, taste, and style while also making you feel as if you are wearing a piece of history. Vintage clothing and accessories can be a superb style statement with which you can experiment to let others know who you are without having to say anything.


Look no further…

Buying something new is the least environmentally friendly way to shop, so if you're serious about updating your wardrobe, you need to look no further as we have got you covered!